How 15 Iconic Hollywood Hunks Look Then vs Now

On the off chance that we utilize the expression ‘Hollywood hunk’, what names are the first to rung a bell? Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson? Arnold Schwarzenegger? Sylvester Stallone? To give some examples immaculate precedents. In any case, these were hunks in their wonder days. How would you think they have matured today?

Today, we have arranged a rundown of on-screen characters who were once viewed as the hunks of Hollywood and how they matured and look today. Do regardless they work out and keep up their once Greek God-like physical make-ups? Or then again have they given age a chance to cause significant damage and let themselves proceed to make the most of their later years?

Jean Claude Van Damme

He was a standout amongst Hollywood’s most notable hunks of the late 80s till the mid 2000s. He was known for doing his own tricks that incorporated a huge amount of hand to hand fighting work. A standout amongst his most outstanding works was ‘Bloodsport’ in 1988 which brought him universal notoriety and achievement. Today, Jean has had the option to keep up his unfathomable constitution even at 58 years old.

Jean Claude Van Damme

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